⚽ Lesser Spotted Football

Covering Even the Small Corners of The Game


Lesser Spotted Football is a small one man operated blog the will occasionally cover some of the less featured stories in the world of football.


As this is nothing much more than a hobby page, updates can’t be promised to be regular, though when an article is published, it will aim to shed a light on footballing stories that you may not have seen in mainstream media.


The main inspiration for this site is the saturation of coverage for the top players, top clubs, Champions League, and though certainly the pinnacle of game, which is to be celebrated, the fabric of football extends far beyond this, from the smaller regions of the game, the unrecognized regions of the game or simply stories from those outside the top leagues of the world that may be overlooked.


As this is just a fledgling site, some elements may be overlooked, so if you see any onsite errors, or have any thoughts on the site in general, please feel free to get in contact at – info@lesserspottedfootball.com


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the content of this website 🙂


Also, credit to number 1 supporter Gabriela!

She also has a blog with short stories on a number of very interesting subjects

You can find the great collection of stories at lecturasdeunanoche.com